Apps, Usability, Design, Testing.

Do you want to reposition yourself on the Internet, offer your customers an online shopping experience, or digitize work processes?


Hi there, My name is Marko

As an experienced software developer, I implement user-centric applications and meaningful websites for both mobile and desktop.

I accompany you from the first idea and the intentions as well as impacts, up to the market-ready product.

When needed, my team consisting of professionals in branding, UX/UI, and development supports me.

Mobile Screen
Mobile Screen


Generation Purpose

Generation Purpose helps organizations and individuals to find their purpose and to realize it in everyday life.

In cooperation with the founders, I developed the online presence and built a digital platform on which the facilitators (employees) and customers can work on a daily basis.


The Swiss investment startup Fundament AG invests in sustainable business models and companies.

The Fundament corporate identity and the associated digital platforms were developed by a team which I selected and a strong focus on online presence and digital collaboration.


Probably the strongest cola in the world. coffaina is a Berlin indie cola that reliably keeps you awake during endless party nights, high school stress or a 24-hour drag race.

During a design sprint workshop in Berlin, i developed the digital presence with the customer and then went on to implement it in a second step.


naanu is a restaurant, take-away and delivery service in Zurich which approached me because they needed a digital upgrade.

The result is an integrated solution consisting of online store product management, receipt printing and connection to the company's internal reservation and checkout system as well as to the usual delivery service providers.

Hello World - Lisboa

Do you have an exciting idea?

No matter what challenges you are facing, let's have a joint brainstorming session to find out what your needs are and how we can implement them together.


Are you looking to strengthen your team?

I am always open to new and exciting tasks where I can usefully contribute and expand my skills.

I offer my expertise in the following areas:

  • Fullstack Web Developer

  • Project Manager Web

  • Product Owner

If I have piqued your interest, you are welcome to request my CV as a PDF:

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I would love to keep you updated with news about my work.

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